Request - Step 1

The pages dedicated to Evoca services, which you can access through an Evoca ID only, contain a button for Login/Register characterised by an icon for identification of EvocaID.

Click on button


to access the Login or Register page.

Step 1


Request - Step 2
Step 2



Enter your own Email* and Password in the Form on the left if you already have an EvocaID.


Click on button

Create One Now

to request for a new EvocaID.

*The users for whom an EvocaID will be created, since they already have a registration in the previous Reserved Area, may access through the Username they have.

Request - Step 3

Fill in all required fields and click on button

Bottone NextA

The procedure intended to request for an EvocaID always requires you to specify the service for which the request is being made. The system automatically identifies this information on the basis of the page of origin of the request (Step 1). However, the user will always be able to modify the information by clicking on the relative icon.

Step 3
Request - Step 4
Step 4


After filling in all the fields of the Form*, click on button

create btn

*The fields may vary according to the service for which the EvocaID is required.

Request - Success

The user is notified of the positive outcome of his/her request and the authorisation of the procedure for approval. 

Step 5


Request - Approved


If the outcome of the request is positive, the user will receive a confirmation email, through which he/she is supplied with a

One-Time Password AOne-Time Password for his/her first access.


Click on the Link and follow the procedures described in the message.

Activation - Step 1

Set up a new Password and click on button 

Set Password
Activation Step 1


Activation - Success
Step Success


Registration is complete and you will be re-directed to the Dashboard of the reserved area.

Access the Reserved Area and click on button


relative to the service you wish.

Enter Dashboard