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Considering the strong production increase during the last years, the focus of our activity is to optimize the direct material costs.
The success of our Company is strictly related to the performances of both suppliers and purchasing organization.

The ability of our suppliers to adapt to Evoca Group in terms of reducing lead time, timely shipping, quality assurance and innovation is imperative. We expect our suppliers to combine excellent products with above requirements as well.

We always search very competitive partners to create a long-term co-operation with strong motivation in being successful for a mutual growth.

In case you fulfill above requirements Evoca Group is glad to explore doing business with your Company. Please fill in the form: your profile will be read and you will be contacted according to our needs.

"Please only submit your application if you agree with the PRIVACY STATEMENT and the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE. Your use of the Site indicates your acceptance of both."



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