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Evoca Group's continuing success is the result of a single-minded attitude to business: every decision taken by the group is designed to surpass the expectations of customers. Customer relations play a pivotal role in the company's day to day business and its brief goes well beyond the traditional functions of technical and commercial support.

Equally important is the ability to predict customer requirement in a constantly evolving marketplace and to be ready to take advantage of the opportunities incumbent in change. Evoca Group's success in this area is the cornerstone of its predominant presence in its chosen market sectors. Considerable resources are needed to be a true market leader – that's why customers, consumers and investors alike demand that R&D is given such a high priority throughout the organization.

Continuous innovation.

Innovation is part of the Evoca Group’s DNA. That’s the reason why, year on year, Evoca Group invests heavily in Research and Development. The R&D team is more than 150 strong and is dedicated to developing new technologies and to producing leading-edge products of the highest possible quality. The fruits of this commitment are impressive and tangible and are demonstrated in the company’s portfolio of more than 550 patents.

On the market customer expectations are created and stimulated by the introduction of new models that offer new purchasing opportunities, therefore innovation is of primary importance. The design and production processes are focused upon the concept of modularity, an ethos that minimizes cost, maximizes the benefits of economies of scale, reduces maintenance and ensures reliability.

Evoca Group’s commitment to innovation sets benchmarks for the sector and gives the company an unassailable competitive edge.

The World Of Coffee, On Your Doorstep

Wherever you are, Evoca Group speaks your language. It has to be that way: intimate knowledge of individual markets is a prerequisite for success. Evoca Group reflects this, helping customers to achieve their objectives by customising both products and services to address specific local requirements.

The team we have assembled that is dedicated to delivering this crucial element of our business comprises experts in both sales and technical support, whose brief is to deliver to customers service that is as scrupulous and as attentive as possible.

We pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our after-sales services, spare parts provision and the continuous training of technicians. Customers also enjoy the facilities of on-line ordering, prompt delivery, consignment tracking. No wonder Evoca Group is able to guarantee levels of service and consultancy that are simply unavailable elsewhere in the market.


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