A presence in 100 countries.

By combining the advantages of global presence with top-quality local knowledge, no company is as well placed as Evoca Group when it comes to predicting international trends and it is by sharing this expertise with our customers that we're able to exploit new opportunities to our mutual advantage.

Evoca Group has its headquarters and manufacturing sites in Italy, two partnerships in China, subsidiaries and branch offices in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, UK, USA, Brazil, Argentina, China, Singapore and Australia. Necta, Wittenborg and SGL branded products are used in more than 100 countries. Necta, Wittenborg and SGL branded products are used in more than 100 countries.

In countries where Evoca Group has no direct presence, the company operates via a network of carefully selected agencies and distributors, all of whom benefit from rigorous, continuous training, a policy that guarantees efficient and consistent service. Thanks to its global presence, an extensive product range and a widespread sales network, Evoca Group is a business model to which our competitors can only aspire.

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Strong and enduring business relationships.

Evoca Group's success is built on the bedrock of long standing relationships with a wide range of customers with whom we have enjoyed mutually beneficial relationships over many years.

As a result of our loyalty to each other, Evoca Group has been able to structure and refine its production processes in order to provide customers with customised and bespoke products, both in terms of external design and internal configuration.

Such enduring relationships are the direct results of the dedication of our sales force,which consists of staff members who possess an intimate knowledge of individual customers and their particular requirements; staff members able to anticipate customer demands. Through our sales force, we proactively seek feedback from 'the front line', and it's this feedback that informs our R&D strategy.


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